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Jasmine Performs at Kauffman Future Stages Festival 2023

Updated: Feb 8

This past weekend on June 11th, the Kauffman Center for Performing Arts held its annual Future Stages Festival, where Jasmine received the opportunity to perform. This event showcases a variety of cultures and spotlights many youth performers from all around the Kansas City area. This year, our Jasmine Performers performed 5 different dances at the Muriel Theater, which is the largest stage at the Kauffman.

Jasmine dancers perform "Red Palace Lantern" at the Kauffman Future Stages Festival

The first dance performed was called "Red Palace Lantern", which was performed by the middle class . This dance featured many red lanterns as well as colorful costumes. The second dance called "Flying Angels" featured a technique of traditional Chinese long silk dancing. The next dance, "Little Guli" was performed by our youngest class. This dance is a Xinjiang dance that featured unique, eye-catching costumes.

Jasmine dancers perform "Dawn" at the Kauffman Future Stages Festival

Next was another performance by the middle class, called "Dawn". This dance featured a beautiful peacock dance of Dai ethnic style. The Jasmine Dance Group ended with a performance by the oldest class, called "Jiu Er." This traditional dance features bright fans and is about a girl named Jiu Er who is sent to live away from her home.

Jasmine dancers perform "Jiu Er" at the Kauffman Future Stages Festival

The overall performance was a very positive experience for all the dancers, parents, and the audience members. This event helped showcase the Chinese culture through dance, and was enjoyed by many. We appreciate all the help and support and would like to thank everyone involved in this festival as well as everyone in the Jasmine Dance Group. We also thank the Kauffman Center for making this event possible!

~To access additional photographs capturing the performance, kindly navigate to the "Photo Albums" tab located on the website.

~For complete videos showcasing all the dances, you can visit Jasmine's YouTube channel, which is conveniently linked at the top of the website.

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