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First Jasmine Alumni Reunion 2023

In the dance world, connections made on the dance floor often go beyond the stage. This is the case with the Jasmine Dance Group, a community of dancers who share a passion for the art of traditional Chinese dance. Recently, the group organized an alumni gathering, bringing together former members to celebrate the leadership within the group, reminisce about shared experiences, and create new memories. 

Alumni Dining Together

The reunion was a wonderful opportunity for the alumni to reconnect with each other and celebrate their shared love of dance. The alumni discussed many past experiences with the dance group, shared life updates from different parts of the country, and discussed amazing experiences they had traveling the world. They also shared stories about their performances and the friends they made in the group. They all agreed that it was a night they would never forget. Everyone would love to get together again, and organizing another reunion isn't out of the question. We wish that everyone could join in once again. 

Jasmine Alumni Reunion Set Up

In addition to the stories shared about their time in the group, the alumni also discussed what they have been up to since graduating from the dance group. Some of them have gone on to explore personal passions, while others have pursued other interests such as business management, law, or medicine. Regardless of their current paths, all of the alumni expressed appreciation for the impact that the Jasmine dance group had on their lives.

Current and Previous Jasmine Board Members

At the end of the event, a small interview was conducted with all of the alumni to gain some knowledge and advice for future leaders of the Jasmine Dance Group. This interview will be covered more thoroughly in a future article coming soon. The reunion was a reminder of the power of dance to bring people together and create lasting memories. It was also a testament to the dedication and hard work of the alumni who have helped the dance group get to where it is today.

Jasmine President and Current Board Members

The reunion was a success, and it was clear that the alumni still have a strong bond with each other. They are all grateful for the opportunity to have been part of the Jasmine Dance group, and they look forward to continuing to stay in touch with each other.

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