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2023 Jasmine Youth Star Awards

Jasmine Youth Star Award Ceremony

In keeping with Jasmine's annual tradition of awarding members for their time and commitment towards bettering both the Jasmine Chinese Dance Group and their community, six exceptional members were honored with the Jasmine Stars Award. This accolade serves to "encourage youth members to be more active in participating in community service and to acknowledge their contributions," as explained by Jasmine's founder and president Jinsong Zhang. Volunteer time is recorded by the Jasmine board every year, whether that be event coordination, helping teach students, website management, or cultural performances, all aimed at fostering a spirit of generosity and service. At the end of each year, the top six youth members are awarded the Jasmine Youth Star award. Thus, we would like to extend our heartfelt congratulations to the following award recipients for their unwavering dedication to the community.

Cindy Jiang: 66.5 hours

Katie Chen: 43.5 hours

Alice Chen: 38 hours

Daphne Valenta: 37.5 hours

Rylie Zhang: 34 hours

Chanel Han: 29.5 hours

~First photo by Xinqun Zheng

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