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Jasmine supported 15 cultural events in 2011. More details are listed below:


Date: 2/5/2011

Programs provided by Jasmine: Opening Dance

Youth Performers: Cindy Wang, Clara Ma, Renny Ma, Grace Brentano, Katie Zhu, Katie Lee, Gracie Crabtree, Mimi Lu, Vivian Zeng, Megan Lu, Jet Patterson, Anna Tang, Austin Tang, Thomas Brentano, David Qi, Sophia Zhao, & Kevin Zhao

2011 KCCAA Chinese New Year Celebration


Date: 2/8/2011

Programs provided by Jasmine: Tibetan Dance "Sky Road"

Adult Performers: Jinsong Zhang

2011 Pembroke Hill 8th Grade China Day


Date: 2/12/2011

Programs provided by Jasmine: Children's Lantern Parade

Youth Performers: Cindy Wang, Renny Ma, Mimi Lu, April Ma, David Qi, Thomas Brentano, Andrew Brentano, Steppen Brentano, Ingrid Li, Sophia Zhao, & Kevin Zhao

2011 Santa Marta Chinese New Year Celebration

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