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Jasmine’s Mid-Autumn Festival is Back!

Updated: Feb 8

On September 23, 2023, Jasmine Dance Group once again hosted a successful Mid-Autumn Festival celebration after a short hiatus. This cherished event welcomed over 50 Jasmine members and their families, providing immigrant members the warmth of home, strengthening community bonds and offering invaluable leadership and cultural learning opportunities to Jasmine youth – a combination that Jasmine President and Executive Director Jinsong Zhang says has always been Jasmine’s mission.

President and Executive Director Jinsong Zhang partaking in a game with dancers

A Celebration of Service

This year's Mid-Autumn Festival celebration was another testament to Jasmine's enduring spirit of service. Volunteers - including board members, members, and their families - contributed their talent and time to decorate the Jasmine dance studio, which served as the event venue, with lanterns and autumn flowers. Others prepared a variety of traditional Mid-Autumn Festival foods, including mooncakes and an assortment of fresh fruits, that delighted the taste buds of attendees.

Empowering Tomorrow's Leaders

During the event, Jasmine's youth members took center stage as they assumed the roles of emcees and entertainers. Their contributions spanned a spectrum of activities, from captivating dance performances to orchestrating engaging Chinese riddle games.

Dancers Katie Chen and Tiffany Han performing solos

Emcees of the festival: Jinsong Zhang and Katie Chen

Rylie Zhang, the 2023-2024 Youth Director of Jasmine's Giving Heart Youth Program, enlightened attendees about the profound impact of this program and underscored the significance of active participation within the Jasmine community.

Youth Director Rylie Zhang giving a speech

At the end of the night, everyone danced together, having so much fun that many didn’t want the party to end. It was truly a night to remember!

The Jasmine community posing for a picture at the end of the night

~All photography by Helen Huang, Xinqun Zheng, and Qinglan Zhang

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