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Heartfelt Farewell Party for Ella (Former Dance Teacher and Director)

By Daphne Valenta

On July 30, 2023, a heartfelt farewell party was held to honor Ella, the beloved former dance teacher and director of the Jasmine Chinese Dance Group. The event was a true testament to her profound impact, with close to 50 members and their families attending the event to celebrate Ella's decade-long service at Jasmine.

Farewell Party Group Photo

The dance studio was decorated with balloons, flowers and a unique heart-shaped circle with candlelight designed by the Jasmine founder, Jinsong. At the party, Ella was presented with a signature card full of love and well wishes.

Jasmine Founder Jinsong Presenting the Farewell Card to Ella

The highlight of the evening, however, was the series of captivating dance performances by her students. As they gracefully moved across the floor, their choreography was a testament to Ella's dedication and expertise as a dance teacher.

In her speech, Ella thanked everyone for their support and friendship. She said that she would miss her time at Jasmine Dance Group, but she was excited for her new adventure on the West Coast.

Heart-Shaped Candlelight Dedicated to Ella

Ella is a talented dancer and choreographer, and she has inspired countless students over the years. She will be missed at the Jasmine Dance Group, but her legacy will continue to live on.

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