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The Fundraiser for KCCAA Youth Hope Fund at Crossroad Church

Author: Cindy Wang

On Saturday, December 12, 2011, several members of the Jasmine Chinese Dance Group performed at the Kansas City Crossroads Church’s annual Christmas program. Among those performers were Audrey Che, Jessica Chen, Megan Lu, Anna Tang, and Cindy Wang. Different styles of dances were performed, including an umbrella dance, a long fan dance, Mongolian, and Han. The event was in correspondence with the KCCAA Youth Hope Fund for a fundraiser. The Youth Hope Fund is an organization that raises money for the KC Friendship School in China. About 100 people were in attendance, who all greatly approved of the performance. The performance itself garnered around $500, which is to be donated to the Youth Hope Fund. Another portion of money will be sent to the Beijing Migrant School.

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