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Review of 2011 Chinese New Year Celebration

Author: Renny Ma

Co-hosted with Project-Partner, the Jasmine Chinese Dance Group’s 2011 Chinese New Year Celebration was held at the Indian Creek Community Church on February 12th. It was attended by about 300 people. Jasmine dancers as well as other dancers from the local area performed at the celebration. The opening dance was a lively Han fan dance. There was a wide variety of performances that included dances of different Chinese ethnicities such as Dai, Mongolian, Xinjiang, and Han. The night also featured performances Southern Kung Fu and Wu Style Tai Chi Chuan by Chun Man Sit Association, Speech by Kristen Levitt, and violin solo performance by Tatiana Ioudenitch. At the end of performances, 2010 Jasmine Youth Stars were announced. They were Cindy Wang, Clara Ma, Renny Ma, Megan Lu, April Ma, and Mimi Lu. The Jasmine Youth Star award is an annual recognition given to 1/3 of youth members who participated more community service activities on behalf of Jasmine, and displayed good attitudes during practice as well as outstanding attendance of classes. After the celebration, an authentic Chinese dinner (provided by Wei’s Super Buffet) was served to the audience. A silent auction was also held by Project-Partner for fund raising for their projects in China.

To view or download photos from this event, please visit the Photo Albums page.

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