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Global Youth Forum(GYF)

Author: Grace Brentano

On Friday November 11th, 2011, the Jasmine dance group performed for the Global Youth forum/People to people International organizations. The first dance was performed by Elan and Vivienne. It was called Rain in March and was a cheerful dance that raised spirits. The girls had no fear of the crowd of people watching, and displayed the routine wonderfully. Representing a blossoming flower the next dance was appropriately titled Jasmine. Anna, Jet, Megan and Mulan not only showcased the beautiful exterior of the jasmine flower, but also exhibited the symbolism of how much a simple thing like this can mean. Although Vivian performed solo, she was not the only one who loved the performance. This upbeat and graceful dance, titled The Moon was accompanied by music from a rather popular singer in China. The extreme differences in culture were skillfully illustrated. The final dance was performed by two of the older girls. The Yangge Dance was very lively and quick. Grace and Renny demonstrated a child’s joy and spirit that come from every day life. With smiles painted across their faces, the dance was overall very successful. Even if the sun was far below the horizon, all of these dances summoned the energy to cheer wildly for all of the performances by Jasmine dance group. Culture was displayed and an energetic atmosphere was created. On that brilliant night, a great accomplishment was reached.

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