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Update from Youth Director: Giving Heart Progress Report

Progress report for the Giving Heart Youth Program as of April 2013 from Youth Director Cindy Wang

Below is the the summary of the progress that the Giving Heart program has made so far.

Started in 2011, the Giving Heart program has been going very well. Right now, it not only includes volunteering performing at local senior nursing homes, but also fundraising through dance performance to help others.

1. Performing at senior homes from 3 times per year increased to monthly performances.

Senior homes include the Heritage of Overland Park senior home which is a senior home for disabled seniors, Santa Marta, and Garden Terrace Senior Nursing Home. With support from youth dancers and parents, we have successfully started the monthly performance at the Heritage of Overland Park senior home in March this year.

2. Fundraising through our dance performances to help others.

Our main donation target is the summer enrichment program of Operation Breakthrough. With a donation of $250, 20 less fortunate children will have an opportunity to attend an art or dance class, giving  them the chance to stretch their legs and their horizons. The goal of this year is to donate $1000 to them before the summer. As so far, total $1150 has been raised. Details as below:

  • $100 donation from Tzuchi Marisa for performance at Garden Terrace Senior Nursing Home

  • $200 donation from Cindy Wang

  • $150 donation from the performance at Nelson Museum on 2/8/2013

  • $50 donation from the performance at Santa Marta on 2/16/2013

  • $650 from the performance at K-State on 3/29/2013

Besides the donation plan to Operation Breakthrough, Giving Heart has donated $350 to the KCCAA Youth Hope Fund.

In addition to leading the Giving Heart program, I have also helped create the Jasmine News Writer program. I trained Jasmine news writers by holding a news writer training session on 2/18/2013.

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