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2013 Year in Review

From President Jinsong Zhang, on behalf of the Jasmine Board.

Dear Jasmine Members,

Happy Chinese New Year! 


Founded in 2008, the Jasmine Chinese Dance Group has already been up and running for six years. On behalf of the Jasmine Board, I  would like to thank our members and families who have strongly supported Jasmine in the past! Special thanks to Jasmine Board members and Jasmine Youth Director! Without your support, Jasmine could not be successful. 

The year of 2013 was a great year for the Jasmine Chinese Dance Group. We not only supported over ten local cultural events, but have also held a leadership role in the community. Led by youth member Cindy Wang, Jasmine Youth Giving Heart Program has taken Jasmine to a new level. With a mission of enlightening and enriching others' lives though dance performances, in March, youth dancers started monthly performances at The Heritage of Overland Park, a senior living services community. At the same time, they fundraised through dance performances. In June, they donated their 1st $1,000 check to Operation Breakthrough, a KCMO non-profit organization that provides a safe, loving and educational environment for children from ages 0-13 living in poverty. Following that, in July, Cindy put her another idea of a fundraiser in action. In September, the Giving Heart Prorgam successfully hosted the Moon Festival cultural dinner event sponsored by Bo Ling's, Chinese Cultural Connection, Pembroke Hill Asian Club, and Operation Breakthrough. This dinner ultimately raised more than $1,300 for OB's 2014 summer program.

With a lesson given by Cindy Wang, Jasmine Youth Writing Program successfully held an intensive writing lesson on news articles for Jasmine youth members in February, through which the quality of news articles on Jasmine website has been improved a lot.

To allow our members to get more familiar with each other, Jasmine Board hosted a family picnic at the Heritage Park of Overland Park in September. About 70 adults and kids participated. The people enjoyed not only authentic Chinese food brought by each family, but also had lots of fun through games organized by Jasmine youth members.

As we recall what we have achieved in 2013, it is the time for us to honor our excellent youth members. Top 6 ranked youths are selected out as 2013 Jasmine Youth Stars. They are Cindy Wang (90 hours), Elaine Zhu (36 hours), April Ma (30 hours), Elan Jiang (23 hours), Melody Jiang (23 hours), and Mulan Jiang (21 hours).

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