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KCCA: Introducing the Year of the Junior Dragon

Author: April Ma

The audience’s cheer fills the voluminous auditorium of Indian Creek Church as dancers parade offstage. The crowd is eager for another vibrant display on stage performed by Jasmine, Legacy, and other dance troupes. On this Saturday evening of February 9th illuminated by stage lights, KCCA celebrates the year of the Junior Dragon, or in short, the Year of the Snake.

Curtains droop heavily before the next performance. Backstage is a hustle as dancers hurry to their places. The first peek backstage is nothing compared to the lively and entertaining dances on stage. With makeup and costume, the performers of the Red Blessing, (one of the two Jasmine dances) are all set to charm the audience.  

In Red Blessing, dancers skillfully maneuver the traditional Chinese lantern on a long stick. Performed by Elaine Zhu, Mulan Jiang, Lily Jiang, Aleena and Lillian Li, Serena Xiao, me and many others, this dance is a resemblance of joy and happiness while celebrating the New Year. The second Jasmine dance was the Dai Dance, whose performers flowingly mimicked a paradise bird. Made to show the beauty and grace of the peacock, this piece of choreography was performed by Aleena Li, Lillian Li, Serena Xiao and me.

“It was the funnest [most fun] time I ever have!” says Gloria Meng, a young Jasmine performer.

The majority of the audience was overjoyed to attend this year’s gala. All of the performers gathered at the end, smiling at the annual celebration that keeps getting better and better. Not only did the audience enjoy this fresh start to the New Year, but so did the hardworking dancers.

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