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Kauffman Future Stages Festival 2022

On Sunday June 12, Jasmine dancers had the privilege of performing at the Kauffman Center Future Stages Festival. This event is held annually and is free to the public, and it aims to showcase youth in a diverse range of art forms. A couple of Jasmine dancers were interviewed at the event by KCTV5 News prior to performing. They were able to discuss the culture behind some of the dances as well as how much they were looking to performing live on an iconic stage at this event.

Jasmine dancers Ellie and Adeline were interviewed by KCTV5 News about their experience performing at the Kauffman

Jasmine also received the honor of performing on the largest stage at the event: the Muriel Kauffman Theater. Participating groups in the festival were each allotted a 20 minute time slot for their performance, and Jasmine did six dances during that time. First, dancers performed "Dancing Long Sleeves in Chang'an," a traditional dance featuring long sleeves and drums. Next up were three children's dances: a Xinjiang dance titled "Blooming Pomegranate Flowers," a dance with Jasmine's youngest performers called "Magical Little Princesses," and a traditional round fan dance titled "Dreaming in Flower Fields."

Jasmine dancers perform "Dreaming in Flower Fields" at the Kauffman Future Stages Festival

Jasmine youth performers performed a dance with parasols titled "Rainy Valley in Spring." Finally, the show closed with a long fan dance called "Fated Love."

Jasmine dancers perform "Fated Love" at the Kauffman Future Stages Festival

Overall, the performance was very successful and thoroughly enjoyed by parents, dancers, and audience members alike. Thank you so much to all of the dancers who worked hard for this performance, to everyone who came out to support, and of course to the Kauffman Center for this incredible opportunity and beautiful event!

~For more pictures of the performance, go to the "Photo Albums" tab of the website. For full videos of all the dances, go to Jasmine's Youtube channel (linked at the top of the website).

~All performance photography by Fuxue Jin

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