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Jasmine Celebrates Chinese New Year 2022

The holiday of Chinese New Year has looked very different during the COVID-19 pandemic. To adapt, Jasmine has been filming dances to air with the KCCAA Chinese New Year Gala. This year, Jasmine dancers utilized the new studio space to film various different dances like the children's dance "Peach Blossom Smile", the parasol dance "Raindrops on Plantain Leaves," and the long fan dance "Fated Love." Dances were filmed in early January and aired with the virtual KCCAA Chinese New Year Gala on January 29.

Jasmine dancers film "Fated Love" for the virtual Chinese New Year Gala

Jasmine dancers film "Raindrops on Plantain Leaves" for the virtual Chinese New Year Gala

In addition to the filmed performances, dancers were also fortunate enough to be able to perform live. Jasmine was invited to dance at Indian Creek Library for their winter Olympics event. This was the first live performance for Jasmine since the start of the pandemic. Jasmine's youth performers performed "Long Sleeve Dance in Chang'an" , which featured traditional long sleeves and drums. The show also included three children's dances: a long fan dance titled "Fated Love," a solo from the Dai minority group titled "Blue Peacock, and a children's dance titled "Peace Blossom Smile." All Jasmine dancers were thrilled to have the privilege of performing live and sharing Chinese culture again, and the performance was very well-received by the library staff and visitors.

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