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Jasmine represents China at the 2012 Ethnic Enrichment Festival

Organized by Jasmine, the China performance on Saturday, August 18 was a great success. The Jasmine Chinese Dance Group provided a wide variety of performances, including a guzheng performance by Ming Yi. The guzheng is a traditional Chinese instrument with multiple strings, like those on a guitar, running across it. Typically played by women, they will often apply fake nails to the fingers that resemble a guitar pick. In addition to musical performances, Jasmine also provided several dances, such as the children's Chinese red ribbon dance and "Dai" dance, the Yang Ge dance, performed by teens, and the adult Chinese ethnic "Yi" dance. The audience enjoyed the performances, and showed a special interest to the performers; vivid costumes. Says one enthusiastic audience member,

"I love the costumes so much! They are so beautiful and delicate, and the colors! Just gorgeous!"

Many audience members also requested to take photos with the performers. 

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