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Jasmine performs at 2013 Nelson-Atkins Museum to celebrate Chinese New Year

Jasmine was invited to perform to help celebrate the Year of the Snake.

Author: Amanda Cheng

Dancers strike their ending pose on the Red Lantern dance, dancing happily with their lanterns.

Xin nian hao! Happy New Year! Join me with a group of lively females who express their holiday wishes by a wave of a ribbon, or a twirl of their lantern.

The Jasmine Chinese Dance group, founded in 2008, consists of a group of energetic females ranging from ages 5 to adults. They meet every Sunday practicing traditional Chinese dances. On Friday, Feb. 8, 2013, they performed at the Nelson Atkins Museum to celebrate Chinese New Year, which is on the 10th. 

Dancing in elaborate costumes, fans, Chinese lanterns and other items, they left the audience cooing at their cuteness or marveling at the agility and great choreography. Great praise to the director, Jinsong Zhang! The total number of people for the day was 4,198, it was crowded but no one felt aggravated. As I watched, I felt mesmerized by their enthusiasm and energy. All their expression made up for any lack in skill.

Fans are also a part of Chinese New Year. These ladies are dancing elegantly with their beautiful fans in the dance "Xiu Se."
Jasmine dancers performing "Xiu Se."

I loved the performance, all their practicing really paid off. Thanks to many supportive families and friends, this performance ended in a sweet success. I feel honored to be able to write about such a fun event. Happy Chinese new year!

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