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Jasmine Performs at Safehome Chinese New Year Event

This past weekend, on February 17th, Jasmine took a small group to perform at a Chinese New Year event at Safehome. Safehome is a non-profit organization and intimate partner abuse shelter (sometimes known as a "women's shelter") in Johnson County. It provides shelter, resources, and assistance to women in distressed situations and their children.

Various Chinese Snacks and Foods

A group of volunteers also went, and many Chinese snacks and activities were provided, such as Guzheng playing and Origami. The event was a fun interactive experience that showcased Chinese culture and the Lunar New Year. Jasmine brought several performers and performed a total of 3 dances with one interactive ribbon performance.

Interactive Ribbon Performance

Along with the ribbon performance, there was also a Drunken Spring Breeze performance by Chanel and Evelyn which showcased the bright fans. Alice, Cindy, and Daphne from the oldest class also performed Jiu Er.

Drunken Spring Breeze and A Little Dream

There was also a performance by Tiffany called A Little Dream which featured a traditional Chinese umbrella. Overall the entire event was a major success and everyone at the Safehome enjoyed the performances as well as the treats!

Photo Credits: Melody Yin, Jerry Chen, Helen Zhang, Fang Shen

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