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2024 National Dance Week Performance

Over the weekend, Arts Inspired Network hosted the National Dance Week KC 2024 Community Dance Program at the Johnson County Arts and Heritage Center. This event brought together many local dance studios, and showcased different cultures and styles of dance.

Jasmine Chinese Dance Group’s Rylie, Katie, Cynthia, Sophia, Bella, and Cindy performs “Qinlian,” choreographed by Wan Wan Cai. 

Qinlian is a traditional dance that is inspired by the Dunhuang murals, located in the Dunhuang Cave Complex of Gansu, China. It depicts many ethnic dance forms from the Sixteen Kingdoms period to the Yuan Dynasty. The dance highlights the ‘S’-shaped three bends with a tilted neck, twisted waist, hip movement, and hooked feet.

~Photography by Xinqun Zheng

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