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Giving Heart performs at Heritage of Overland Park senior home

The event was led by Mulan Jiang.

Author: Mulan Jiang

On Saturday, March 29, 2014, Giving Heart performed at the Heritage of Overland Park nursing home.

There were seven performers:

Serena Sun

Elaine Zhu

April Ma

Elan Jiang

Amanda Cheng

Frankie Fu

Mulan Jiang

Serena performed Moonlight Over Lotus Pond, a Chinese dance. Elaine Zhu and April Ma performed a Mongolian Dance. April Ma performed the violin. Élan Jiang played the piano. Frankie Fu danced the Samba. Amanda Cheng and Mulan Jiang danced to Clarity, a jazz dance. Mulan Jiang played the piano.

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