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From President Jinsong: Review of 3rd Jasmine Moon Festival Benefit Dinner

Updated: Apr 11, 2020

The dinner was organized for Operation Breakthrough.

Author: Jinsong Zhang

Hosted by Jasmine Giving Heart Program, the 3rd Jasmine Moon Festival Benefit Dinner successfully held at KC Buffet on Sep. 19th, last Saturday. About 110 people participated the event, and the Jasmine Giving Heart Program raised $917.30 for Operation Breakthrough. Congratulations! 

Renny Ma (center) and Elaine Zhu (right) pose with Jennifer Heinemann (left) and two Operation Breakthrough kids.

On behalf of Jasmine, I would like to thank two Youth Directors Renny Ma and Elaine Zhu for their contribution to the Jasmine Giving Heart Program! Also, I would like to greatly thank our members who volunteered, performed, participated and donated to the event! Great thanks to whom didn't take member discount and whom has supported the event in consecutive 3 years! Special thanks to the supportive parents of Renny Ma and Elaine Zhu. Without all of your support, Jasmine Giving Heart Program could not be able to continue this meaningful event! 

The most important goal of Jasmine is to provide a platform to our youth members, through which they not only use their talent to give back to the community, but also improve their sense of responsibility, their organizational and leadership skills, and the spirit of team work. Per Renny and Elaine, they have learned a lot and made big progresses on their organizational and communication skills through leading the event. Jasmine is so proud that our youth members are getting stronger through Jasmine activities and making a difference in the community. 

Jinsong Zhang

The President of Jasmine Chinese Dance Group

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