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2010 Jasmine Chinese New Year Celebration

Updated: Apr 11, 2020

Hosted at the Indian Creek Community Church, more than 100 people attended the inaugural Jasmine Chinese Dance Group Chinese New Year Celebration.

Author: Cindy Wang

The 2010 Chinese New Year Celebration hosted by Jasmine on Saturday, January 30th at Indian Creek Community Church was a great success. Decorated with bright red lanterns, the Old Auditorium in the church was vivid and vibrant with color and joy. More than 100 people showed up to enjoy the wonderful performances and eat the delicious dumplings and other authentic Chinese dishes. 

From the Red Ribbon dance to Little Jasmine, every dancer did a great job, and all the performances were phenomenal. Along with the old programs, some new programs were added such as Yuan Ri, a cheerful and colorful dance featuring everybody on the team. The second program was a Mongolian dance, performed by Cindy Wang. . 

After the dances, food was served. Mouth-watering dumplings and appetizing Chinese dishes were set out on tables. The dumplings were made by a skilled team of dumpling makers led by James Ma, and the dishes were cooked by other volunteers.

Overall, the event was extraordinary, but it would not be possible without all the volunteers, performers, and Indian Creek Community Church. Jasmine hopes that you can make it to the next Chinese New Year event! Have a safe, warm, and happy Chinese New Year!

The full photo album can be viewed in our Photo Albums page.

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