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2010 Chinese New Year Celebration

Author: Cindy Wang

Jasmine Chinese Dance Group will be hosting a 2010 Chinese New Year Celebration from 6:00pm to 9:30pm on Saturday, Jan. 30th, 2010. The event will take place at the Old Auditorium in Indian Creek Community Church (12480 S Blackbob Rd. Olathe, KS), featuring Chinese folk dances, authentic Chinese food, and interactive Tibetan folk Guo Zhuang dance.

Before the celebration starts, volunteers will be making Chinese dumplings from 2:00pm to 5:30pm to serve later during the event. Dumplings are a traditional food that Chinese people have for dinner on Chinese New Year Eve. Long ago, people chose to eat dumplings to connote their wishes for good fortune in the new year. There is no specific filling for the dumpling, but the wrapping must be exquisite in order for the dumpling to look attractive.

While celebrating Chinese New Year, Jasmine group would like to celebrate its success in the past years. All Jasmine dance programs in the past two years will be performed in the celebration. Click here to view program pictures and descriptions.

Besides dance performances, you can also enjoy a string quartet performed by four middle school students.

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