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Year End Gathering and Jasmine Youth Director Departure

This past weekend an event was held to celebrate a successful year for Jasmine, as well as sendoff our 2023-2024 Jasmine Youth Director, Rylie Zhang, to college. The event drew an enthusiastic group of attendees, including board members, youth leaders, families, and dancers.

Jasmine's President, Jinsong Zhang, started off the event with a few words on the success of Jasmine and all of the performances attended throughout the year. The Board Members and Youth Leaders were introduced along with the announcers for the event. Rylie Zhang, this past years' Youth Director, shared some words about her experiences from this year as well as what she learned.

Rylie Zhang, Youth Director

Although the 2023-2024 Webmaster Alice Chen could not make it to the event, Jasmine News Writer Daphne Valenta made a quick report about the accomplishments of the year. This year a total of 13 articles were written and collected over 992 reads total. Over the 10+ performances, the dancers have all showed immense growth and contributed greatly to the outreach of Chinese Culture.

Rainbow Ribbon Dance

Along with the reports of success, there were also several performances from the youngest and middle classes. The youngest class performed a Rainbow Ribbon dance that was enjoyed by all. There was also a brave solo performance of 醉清波 from the middle class that featured a round fan.

We are Family

There were several other performances that captivated the crowd. Tiffany Han graciously performed Like a Dream which she also performed at the Kansas AAPI Cultural Heritage Month Celebration. Chanel Han also performed Interstellar which was a very graceful and elegant performance. The last performance was We are Family, a family performance by Chanel Han, Tiffany Han, and Victoria Han that was very memorable.

Youth Director Rylie Zhang Assisting with Serving Fruits

Overall the event received massive amounts of participation and spirit from all who attended. The event was also a last sendoff for our Youth Director, Rylie Zhang, as she continues on her journey in college. She has done an amazing job as Youth Director this year and will be greatly missed. A letter of appreciation was given to her during the event as a final farewell. We are confident that she will continue to shine in whatever endeavors she pursues in college and beyond!

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