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Jasmine Performances: Recap of April & May

Over the past couple of months, Jasmine dancers had the opportunity to perform at multiple dance events. Each performance allowed Jasmine dancers to shine and showcase their exceptional talent and appreciation for Chinese culture.

The first event includes the Pembroke Hill Multicultural Festival, where the Middle class performed Drunken Spring Breeze and Little Guli. The performance was a spectacular sight and entertained the audience while highlighting various aspects of Chinese dance.

Photography by Helen Zhang

A few Jasmine dancers performed at Rising Star Elementary for the school’s multicultural festival. Two dancers in the youngest class performed “Little Gu-Li” and the youth director, Rylie, performed “Jiu Er”. Little Gu-Li is based on dances from the Uyghur ethnic group and Jiu Er is based on the story of a young woman sending off her loved ones to battle during the Japanese-Chinese war. This event was a great chance for dancers to show off their dance skills in front of a younger audience! Along with cultural performances, Rising Star invited family and friends to bring foods and activities from their own cultures. Countries from all around the world were represented in this event!

-Riley Zhang

On May 11th, Chanel Han and Tiffany Han represented Jasmine by performing at the Kansas Asian American and Pacific Islander Cultural Heritage Month Celebration. Both of their solo performances went well and were received with a large round of applause.

Photography provided by Jinsong Zhang

The Oldest class had the opportunity of performing at the Lawrence Art Center. They performed the Qinlian dance that featured Rylie, Sophia, Cynthia, Katie, Alice, Bella, and Daphne. The performance was once again an impressive measure of success for the dance group.

Photography provided by Xinqun Zheng

A small group was also invited to perform at the KU Medical center's AAPI Celebration on May 23rd. The Middle class gracefully performed Drunken Spring Breeze while the youngest class performed Auspicious Spring Rain. Finishing off the wonderful performance from Jasmine was the adult class, performing Jasmine.

Photography provided by Mandy

Overall, the months of April and May were busy months for the Jasmine Dance Group! Many wonderful performances were held that helped Jasmine spread the outreach of Chinese Culture. Each event faced resounding success that left a lasting impression on all who attended these events.

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