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2017 Year in Review

2017 was a year of full of challenges to Jasmine. Not only did we face competition from the outside, there were also leadership transitions internally within the executive team. To make the executive team stronger, the President and temporary Executive Director Jinsong Zhang put forth much effort in recruiting new talent. At the beginning of 2016, Jasmine was very lucky to have Melody Yin join the executive team as Marketing Manager and Dance Teacher and Zhuna Chang as Treasurer. Melody’s strong efforts in marketing Jasmine dance classes were incredibly helpful. Based on her prior contribution and working experience at Jasmine, Ella Shan, current Dance Manager and Dance Teacher, was promoted to Executive Director starting in 2018 through a decision by the Jasmine Board. Starting in 2018, Ella will be taking on three roles within Jasmine: Executive Director, Dance Manager, and Dance Teacher. Congratulations to Ella! Jinsong Zhang will continue to serve Jasmine as the President on Jasmine Board.

Jasmine earned its reputation by not only producing high-quality dance programs, but also serving the community by volunteering to perform at the local non-profit organizations and senior homes. Since May 2017, the Jasmine Giving Heart Youth Program has unfortunately discontinued its function due to the lack of qualified youth leaders. We will continue to provide the platform for Jasmine youth members who would like to practice and improve leadership skills in the coming year. Please keep an eye on the application, which will be opening up soon. This year, we believe there will be a qualified youth member who will step up and take the position, continually making a difference in our community.

Each year, Jasmine selects the top six youth members as Jasmine Stars based on their community service hours completed through Jasmine. We are proud to announce that the six Jasmine Youth Stars for 2017 are Amanda Cheng (27 hrs), Serena Xiao (19 hrs), Aleena Li (18 hrs), April Ma (18 hrs), Audrey Che (17 hrs), and Lillian Li (16 hrs). Congratulations to these girls and their supportive parents! Trophies will be handed out during the Jasmine Celebration Dinner at A1 Sushi & Hibachi (6357 W 119th St., Overland Park KS 66209). Attached to this email is the 2017 record of all youth members' community service hours for review (Name with underline indicates that the individual is not a Jasmine member this year). 

We would like to thank you, both members and parents, for continuing to support Jasmine. Each of you is an important and irreplaceable part of our team. Jasmine is lucky to have all of you. With your support and our efforts, we believe Jasmine will overcome whatever challenges we face,  and become better with each year. 

We look forward to seeing all of you at our ten-year anniversary celebration on January 28th at 5pm. Together, we can celebrate what we have achieved, and look forward to the future. 

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